[ Seoul ] Pre-wedding K-Style Photoshoot Day!


Our day started early as we set out to do our hair and face for the late morning photoshoot. Our first stop was at a stylish studio where celebrities here frequent studios like this to do their make-up or hair-style before they appear in public. After we were done with that, we moved on to…

the photography studio.



Woke up around 6 in the morning.

L1080102 2 L1080100 2

Hotel的 breakfast buffet,  mussels and pasta!


L1080107 2

Our mini van picked us up around 7:45am from our hotel and then we were at the LKJ Hair Bis, apparently an award winning salon chain and a favourite among celebrities. I basically choose a style that I want and the stylist will see how to adjust it for me.

L1080117 2

Lots of hair spray!!  To curl my hair and eyelashes, they pretty much heat the “tools” up on a gas stove on those portable karts used in hair salons first… wow.

L1080131 2

At the same time, Mr. has gone to the “make-up” room to get the make-up done!

L1080196 2

After quite some time, then it was my turn to go to the make-up room. Look at all those colours and tools…

L1080139 2

The foundation was done by an assistant. Then the master came to do the “main part”. We showed what style of make-up we want and they can just know it and do it!

L1080180 2

My skin condition wasn’t that good that day.. cause I was to busy with work for the previous months. Could not possibly sleep early. & It was kinda dry in Seoul so my make-up had a bit of difficulty staying on my face…

L1080188 2

After the make-up was done, then I was back to finish up my hairdo and change into the wedding gown. Walking out of the studio to our mini van in this was FREEZING!!!!

L1080387 2

After a short briefing, then we started our photoshoot!

L1080684 2

There was the main photographer doing the photoshoot and a photographer assistant to help adjust our poses/posture or the way things are laid out. There was also an auntie from the wedding dress place to help me wear/remove the wedding gowns/dresses. & also help me change my hairstyle with different accessories (main hairdo doesn’t change). She also brought earrings, necklaces, accessories for hair and the dress along to help me put the suitable ones on so it looks like I wore many dresses for the photoshoot. & I basically couldn’t move without the aunt helping me holding the dresses.

L1080752 2

I love the white wedding gowns for this photoshoot. One was a Vera Wang and the other one was this simple one.

L1080472 2

Got a big tiara!! Got to wear other small ones as well. But this one was the biggest of all.

L1080445 2

The studio is half open (just open the glass door and we were pretty much outside..) There was the balcony (as shown in the photo above) and the upperfloor openair space.

L1080870 2

This scene on the rooftop was really nice. I love it but too bad we didn’t get to take a photo with this scene. This was more suitable for the night scene. (You could reserve to take your wedding photos at night at this studio..)

L1080911 2

It was literally FREEZING when we were outside… But when we were under the sun, it was a bit warmer.

L1080200 2

The photography-taking process was pretty structured. We quickly and swiftly moved through the various sets and wore different accessories for different sets.


For the last few sets we did it in a studio (same studio) at a nearby building. It had no heater inside so it was freezing inside!!

It was quite tiring at the end but it only took us half a day to get all that photoshooting done. We left around 4pm and got on our mini van with another couple from HK. The traffic back from Gangnam back to Namdaemun was pretty bad so it took us a while to get back.


After we removed our makeup and got ready at the hotel, we were out to find food. We found an interesting local Korean hotpot place near the hotel.


We also chose a local rice wine. It was a bit thick but pretty interesting taste.


We had to drink the rice wine with this! lol.


Our appetizers (restaurant just came with this – no extra charge).


Bubbling & sizzling kimchi pot! It was quite spicy but pretty good..


I chose a shellfish pot that was suppose to look not so spicy. But I did not know those green things in there were chilli too!!! So the soup was spicy… But it was quite good nevertheless.


After our early dinner, JG went out to have a second round of dinner with his colleagues while J and I went to explore the nearby places.


There was some interesting restaurants/cafes. This one is a chain with a zoo theme.


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