[ Hong Kong ] Weekend One Dimsum


This is the fourth dimsum restaurant that we’ve been to in Hong Kong so far. Also ranked one of those Michelin 1-star affordable dimsum restaurant, the one Dim Sum is another popular destination..

.. around the Prince Edward MTR Station neighbourhood.


We were there just past 10AM. But the restaurant was already full. We grab a waiting card and had to wait for another 45 mins. So instead we went to walk around the area. But because it was still kinda early so many shops were not open yet.

We were too hungry so we came back early to wait.

We shared the table with 2 more guests who were already sitting there. They happened to be from Taiwan too! They said they ordered quite a bit and shared this large egg-white dessert dish with us.


We followed our dim sum ordering SOP. We ordered about 6 items for the 2 of us. The total came to around 130 HKD. It was actually a bit too much food for us. We could’ve done with 4 or 5 dishes (more adequate). The glutoniuous chicken rice is huge.


There’s not that many seats here so if you come later, you’d just have to wait. In terms of interior, it looks cleaner and more modern than the other famous dim sum place – Tim Ho Wan  (also around the area) that we went.

一點心 One Dim Sum

A: 太子運動場道15號京華大廈地舖1-2號 (靠近太子站 / Near Prince Edward MTR Staiton)

W: http://www.openrice.com/zh/hongkong/restaurant/太子-一點心/18164


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