[ Hong Kong ] Goldfish Street

[ Life in a Bag ]

There’s a street in Hong Kong where all kinds of colourful fish are displayed in bags like this on walls. I love aquarium. So when I first saw a picture of that I thought it looked so colourful and interesting & a must-go place for me.  But when I got there it was really..

quite a different picture. Most people will only take the pretty photos of these fish on the walls of the shops along this “Gold Fish Street”. What you see in reality are big and small fish all in these blown up bags and display on the racks for sale. Some of them, not sure how long they’ve been in the bag, are already dead. Feel really bad for them.



You could actually see quite a lot of different kinds of fish here. I thought this green puffer-fish like one was quite cute.


Actually some of the fish in the bag are dead already but they continue to be on display because there are way too many bags up there and store owner just doesn’t have the time to check whether all fish in there are alive.


Crabs, shrimp and lobsters also for sale. Not for you to cook though. These are pet!

Any bucket on the street is filled with aqua creatures like this.

There are lots of stores selling all kinds of turtles too!
Saw this at a nearby cosmestics store. The cat’s not on sale! lol.

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