[ Hong Kong ] Matcha Theme Cafe & Kitty

IMG_9469 IMG_9466

We saw an intro of this teahouse on a guidebook and decided to check it out after some walk. We went there mainly for the matcha. But was surpised to see a kitty! The teahouse is on the fifth floor of a small office building in the…

Sheung Wan area.


The menu.

The interior of the teahouse.



When we went in there was only 1 table left and the kitty of the teahouse happened to be one of the occupants of the chairs.

This must be the cat’s throne because the cushion is filled with its fur!!

We ordered a hot drink called Matcha Genmaicha Marone (matcha, soya milk, roasted chestnut).


The cold drink was the Matcha Mojito. But it’s not a real mojito (no alcohol). It was a combination of matcha, mint, lime, brown sugar & soda. & The cake was the Matcha Angel Cake – pretty nice.

川善茶居 Sinmei Tea

A: 上環永樂街 50 號昌盛大廈 5F (靠近上環站; near MTR Sheung Wan station)

W:  https://www.facebook.com/pages/Sinmei-Tea-川善茶居/189152487836986


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