[ Hong Kong ] Ammo Restaurant

Military Chic

On the site of a former British explosives and ammounition storage compound, this modern…

The restaurant’s original site is a 19th century compound for explosives.

In front of the building is a small stage for events.

Untitled Untitled
The bar in the restaurant and the “chandelier”


Some of the original building of the heritage site viewed from the restaurant. This complex of buildings was built by the British army in the mid-19th-century to store explosives and ammunition. In the early 20th-century, it was taken over by the Royal Navy and had expansion. Then it was abandoned in 1990s.

The interior decor by Joyce Wang or Wang Studios. Inspired by a 1965 film noir masterpiece, Alphaville.

The main dish is actually not that big so you need to order some tapas or appetizers. The tapas – squid and chicken.

The restaurant as mentioned on its website is an award-winning restaurant and specializes hand-made pasta.

AMMO Restaurant

W: http://www.ammo.com.hk

Location: near MTR Admiralty Station


At the entrance of the Asia Society is the “giraffe tree”. It was struck by lightning some years ago and was preserved as it is now.


Untitled Untitled

The restaurant is actually just a street away from the Conrad Hotel. Full of Christmas spirit!


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