[ Amoy ] Afternoon Tea on Gulangyu

UntitledAfternoon Tea at Gulungyu

Haven’t been to the Gulangyu (The Piano Island) in Xiamen (Amoy) for years. Other than the amazing buildings, couldn’t remember much of any restaurants/cafes really up to some standard. But it was really a surprise this time to see much has changed. We.. were taking a walk around the island (without a proper map and didn’t do much research) and passed by this place.

Untitled Untitled

Didn’t notice the building when we passed by it. The colours of the menu and advertisement by the front door attracted our attention. We sort of ate already but JG was not happy with the previous meal so we decided to gave this a shot. The interior design was vintage + modern. Pretty cool I think.


We ordered the afternoon tea set for this and the set came with two fresh juices. Other than the afternoon tea stuff, I think their other regular meal dishes look super attractive and delicious. If I were to come again for a meal, I’d go here again.


This is the main dish for the afternoon for two. The portion is ok if you have already ate elsewhere.

Untitled Untitled

Then ends with a cheese cake, which was pretty good.


From our seat we could see the famous landmark rock of the island and some massive mansion across the field that looks like those you’d find in Jane Austen’s novels.


This restaurant actually feels quite like a seafood restaurant in Taipei with similar name. On the ground floor, it also has a fresh seafood market.

上嶼水產  Shangyu Aquatic Development Restaurant
A: 鼓浪屿风景区 中华路4号(马约翰广场旁),  Gulangyu

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