[ Ipoh ] The Ruins Revival


Ipoh – The Ruins Revival
There are lots of examples of how old buildings and even “ruins” can be turned into a revenue-generating lot in Ipoh. When we were looking for the shop that sells the traditional ice ball, we came across…


Patisserie Boutique is in a old buliding converted into a French cafe. But the things served in there are not really French. You can just see lots of Eiffle towers and French words.

Untitled Untitled

We got there around its opening time. It was too hot so I ordered a honey lemon juice.

Untitled Untitled

We were here for the bread brule mentioned on the guide but apparently they don’t have that anymore. So we ordered grilled chicken crossiant & smoked duck pasta, which were both good.

Patisserie Boutique
A: 103, Jalan Sultan Yusof, Ipoh


Around the same block is another famous cafe/burger place called Burps & Giggles. We went there for a meal a few years back. It’s pretty cool but will not blog about it here. Around the area you’d find a small wall mural in an alley. You walk into that alley & you’d see a different world.


Behind the building is a complex of ruins that was turned into shop lots! The ice ball store that we were finding (Bits & Bobs) is also here (Would definitely be hard to find it if you just google the address).


This ice ball dessert is the common childhood dessert of the last generation. Basically it’s a “ball” made out of ice and you pour some flavoured syrup on it. & kids would just lick it.


Other shops around the area.

Other deco around the place.

In a house that looks like a ruins, we see something that looks like bar table and some sink. Above the sink is the shelves of books.

You step back to take in the bigger picture and find a public toilet behind it. Kinda strange eh?


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