[ Taipei Afternoon Tea ] Shino Castella Japanese Style

In the Neihu area of Taipei City, there’s a popular Japanese dessert place. The exterior and interior decor makes you feel as if you’ve just walked into a shop in Tokyo or Kyoto.

The ground floor is mainly for displaying the cakes that you can purchase. The main seating area is on the second floor. The space is actually quite limited & they don’t take reservation on weekend so if you want to avoid the queue can consider going earlier.

The turn-table rate should be pretty high here because there’s not much savoury dish that you can order for lunch.

Actually there are only 2 savoury dishes, this rice (ochatsuke-like) set.

Or this udon set. Both of the look not very filling if you’re looking for a big meal.

This restaurant is actually more like a dessert place. Most people come here to order the Japanese style dessert.

One of the signature dessert with matcha ice-cream mixed with other Japanese traditional sweets.

This is not a sweet dessert but it’s considered a traditional Japanese snack as well. If you have enough of the sweet things and you’re still a bit hungry, can consider ordering this.

初心菓寮 Shoshin Castella
A:  No. 86, Wende Road, Neihu, Taipei 台北市內湖區文德路86號 (Near MRT Wende Station)


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