[ Hanoi ] From the Lotte Height

After 4 hours of coach ride, we were finally back in Hanoi. We stopped half way for a simple lunch with Vietnamese pho and were on our way to the hotel where we’d be staying for the remaining 2 nights. The Lotte Hotel is a high-rise comprising of hotels, restaurants, shopping complex and residences.

The Lotte Hotel is located in downtown Hanoi. Pretty accessible to both the old town and the new area of the city. It’s one of the tallest buildings here so you’d see this glassy building from faraway.

Our first stop was the Lotte Observation Deck. You have to go to the basement of the department store to take the special lift that brings you to the deck.

The waiting area was decorated with these different neo-tradition lanterns.

The Lotte building was completed in 2014 and has 65 floors. It’s currently the second tallest building in Vietnam. The tallest building in Vietnam is also in Hanoi and also built by Koreans. It’s a building completed in 2011 called the Landmark 72.

The height of this building is around 272 m. Ranking 37th in the world, the Landmark 72 in Hanoi is about 336m. Taipei 101 building is about 449m. The Burj Khalifa in Dubai is about 584-828m.

You can also take a walk on the sky walk to feel what it’s like to be walking in the sky. Apparently this is the first sky walk of its kind to be built in Asia.
There can only be 10 people on there at one time.  This is a bit too scary.

Walk around the building to see Hanoi from all angles.

Visiting the observation deck at day time offers a clear view of the cityscape. But if you’d like to see the building & city’s “light show” (not really a show), it’s probably better to come at dusk.

The Lotte Hotel belongs to the Lotte Group from Korea. Apparently Korean corporates invested quite a bit in the developments and projects here. The locals say the Chinese come here and built roads and highways. The Koreans come here to build high-rises.

Originally we were going to the 67th floor – The Top of Hanoi for afternoon tea. But because the seating area is outdoor and without shades, if we were to stay there longer than 5 minutes, we’d probably be cooked. So we moved to the Lounge Sky on the 38th floor for our petit afternoon tea.

Same as the W in Taipei, you get a superb view from the toilet.

The lobby of the hotel is located on the 38th floor (If I remember correctly..). There’s a shopping complex within the building as well.

The interior design of the hotel is modern with a classy Asian zen feel to it.

I think this is a Deluxe room. Very spacious!

Also has a superb view. If you get a corner suite, then you’ll have this view x 2.

The breakfast was on the 63th floor. If you get a window seat, you’d have a seat with a view as well.

Buffet style breakfast. A good selection of Asian breakfast variety.

Overall I think I quite like this hotel and would recommend it.

Lotte Hotel Hanoi
W: http://www.lottehotel.com/hanoi/en/


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