[ Hanoi ] Dining at “HOME”

Before coming to Vietnam, I didn’t have any expectation for the restaurants. But I was quite pleasantly surprised by the first restaurant we went – The Madam Yen and the subsequent ones we went to. The restaurant for the evening is the HOME Restaurant. Located in the Tru Bach neighborhood of Hanoi, this century-old French mansion… 

looks amazing.  The interior decor looks very European but the cuisine here is almost 100% traditional Vietnamese.

On our way to the restaurant for the evening. Passed by lots of these old mansions very beautifully and romantically decorated.

These old mansions in Hanoi’s old quarter have mostly been converted into restaurants and shops. I love the lights outside of this mansion. Reminds me of a restaurant in London.

There are also buildings and restaurants like this. They look just like what you’d find on the streets of Paris. The road to the restaurant we were going was quite narrow. Our coach couldn’t get in so we walked on the narrow streets bustling with motorbikes and other people getting to places.

The mansion is surrounded with outdoor seating area for those who like to have stars above them as they dine. But it was actually quite hot and humid so we definitely opted for the indoor seating area with air-con.

The restaurant is located in the Tru Bach neighborhood, in between the old quarter and the West Lake. This used to be a French residence and is older than a century. Having survived 2 devastating wars, it’s still standing here today being one of the most well-preserved mansions  of its time.

Every wall in here is not just a wall. Even the air-con becomes part of it. See it?

We were quite a big group. Didn’t manage to take a good photo before people poured in. So if you’d like to take a good look at its amazing interior decor, you can check out their website.

You can also go for a cooking class here. The class starts with getting your own ingredients with the chef of the restaurant at a local wet market.

We had beer to accompany each meal .. But a different one each time.

Didn’t take much photos after the first few dishes. I suppose you have to check it out yourself then!


HOME – Vietnamese Cuisine
W: http://www.homerestaurant.vn
A: 34 Châu Long, Ba Đình, Hà Nội, Vietnam

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