[ Hanoi ] The Forest – House of Rustic Charm

The whole morning out in the open areas of Hanoi on a mid-summer day proved to be excruciating. We were happy to be heading to the restaurant after all that. The Forest – House of Rustic Charm was where we had our lunch. This restaurant was opened in 1994 and has a very distinctive…

theme to its design.

From the introduction about the restaurant on the website:
“The concept of the restaurant was inspired by During the Vietnam war, my grandfather, as a soldier stationed in the Northern highland of Vietnam, was sheltered and cared for in the unconditional love of the ethnic minorities. “The Forest” was born as the family’s tribute to the minorities for their valuable help. In order to fulfill grandmother’s wishes, my mom gave up her career as a fashion designer to focus on building “The Forest”.”

To enter the restaurant, you’d have to walk through this gate. It’ll immediately make you feel like if you were entering a jungle.

Then you’d arrive at the restaurant. It’s supposed to be make you feel like you’re at a village in the mountains of Northern Vietnam.

The restaurant is actually very spacious. There are different areas for dining.

We were seated on the second floor. The walls were painted and decorated with elements of ethnic minorities.

The owner likes to travel and collect ethnic antiques. Many of these become part of the decoration of the restaurant. This is a gong (music/religious ceremonial instrument).

This restaurant is not just any other theme restaurant. They have apparently taken part in many diplomatic missions from France, Canada, New Zealand, etc.

The food theme here is Vietnamese cuisine with a fine dining twist to it. This is our “appetizer”. Each person gets a “plate” like this to try some of the highlights of Vietnamese cuisine.

Our lunch theme is the hotpot (summer+hot pot… that’s right. that seemed a bit crazy).  The pot interesting in the sense that the meat and tofu and other smaller raw things are placed on the outer rim of the hotpot. When you want to cook it you just scrape it down into the boiling soup then put a lid over the soup. Other than the hot pot, you can certainly order other dishes that doesn’t even cooking the food yourself (haha). After all this is not just any other restaurant ya?

Maybe because we were getting heat stroke from walking around in the super humid and hot weather, I was falling asleep during this meal. Then the dessert finally came – a refreshing lime jello!

Interesting restaurant worth a visit.

The FOREST – House of Rustic Charm Restaurant
A:The Forest, 259 Au Co, Tay Ho, Hanoi.



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