[ Taipei ] House of Kuo

If you have a sweet tooth or love to try afternoon tea around the world, you shouldn’t miss this small restaurant in Taipei. This place is opened by a old Taiwanese traditional sweets/cake store in Taiwan – Guo Yuan Yi. The brand is often associated with cakes and biscuits it makes for weddings in Taiwan. 

This restaurant is actually not that big. It’s in a narrow old building.

Help yourself to the teacups and water.

The dessert menu. Lots of interesting mix of Chinese/Taiwanese/Japanese/French dessert ingredients.

They have savour ones as well.

Or if you don’t know what to order, you can order a set like this.
Other than dessert, you can also have a light meal here or other kinds of dessert like waffles or caramelized toasts, etc. here.

The tiny shop in the restaurant. The red brick walls and the special kind of floor and the white tiles are all examples of elements of old bulidings in Taiwan.

Would be a nice and quiet place to spend the afternoon.

House of Kuo 郭元益的家
A: No. 526, Wenlin Road, Shilin (near MRT Shilin Station)
P:  02 2833 8377
W: https://www.facebook.com/HOK.house.of.kuo/


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