[ Taichung ] The Cabbage Cooking Lab

There are many interesting theme restaurants in Taichung. I managed to explore one that was not too far away from where I was on the day. This Cabbage Cooking Lab is located on the top floor of the Qinmei Eslite Shopping Mall complex in …


Looks like they have a vegetable garden on the rooftop.

The restaurant serves Mediterranean cuisine. But you’d find some country-rustic-style or exotic elements to the interior decor.

I ordered a light meal set. It came with a small cup of soup and the small dishes on this paella-pan-like pan. I think the food was pretty good. Although it was a “light” meal, it was quite filling.

The restaurant is actually quite spacious. There’s an area where you’d have to remove your shoes and sit on the Japanese tatami-like cushions. & It has the best view of the restaurant.

Even the toilet area has pretty “earthy” and interesting decor. For all these nice decor and the food that they claim to be processed “responsibly”, you can expect it to be “cheap”. The restaurant is on the medium-pricy side for Taichung I think. But it’s worth a try.

包心菜實驗廚房 The Cabbage Restaurant (Taichung)
A: 台中市西區公益路68號15樓
W: https://www.facebook.com/cabbage.cooking.lab/

I was mainly here for the  PDC Flowers+ Flower Frame Arrangement Workshop on the day.  The location is right on the  Formosa Boulevard – the heart of Taichung city centre. Unlike many flower studios, this one is located on the 17th floor of a modern-looking office building with an impeccable view of the busy street at night from the classroom. Will post more about it in the next post. If you’re coming to Taichung, definitely should check it out. Workshops are available in English as well and you get a choice to make fresh, dried or preserved flower decor / gifts.

17樓的上課地方看出去就是台灣大道和廣三 sogo. 晚上的夜景還滿有fu. 下篇再來po.


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