[ Amoy ] Afternoon Tea on Gulangyu

UntitledAfternoon Tea at Gulungyu

Haven’t been to the Gulangyu (The Piano Island) in Xiamen (Amoy) for years. Other than the amazing buildings, couldn’t remember much of any restaurants/cafes really up to some standard. But it was really a surprise this time to see much has changed. We..  Continue reading


[ Amoy ] The Piano Island Black Cat & Blossoms

2016.01 鼓浪嶼Dining in a Heritage Building

There are hundreds of heritage building on this tiny island. Many are still privately own residences, some have been converted into hotels, restaurants or shops,  others have been left to ruins. We didn’t do some proper research into what to eat on this island so was just going to go to this supposedly famous restaurant on the island. We found the place only to…  Continue reading

[ Amoy ] Revisiting the Piano Island

IMG_6789 Gulangyu鼓浪嶼- The Piano Island filled with the 1900 Upper Class

This is not Europe but it has some of the grandest European-style of buildings mixed with some Chinese artistic elements. This is an island in the early 1900s occupied by the wealthy and the famous of the society. Lots of foreigners also resided here and 13 countries set up their consulates on this…

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[ 北京 ] 星海鋼琴及龍徽葡萄酒

IMG_0277[ 一台鋼琴有多少個零件? ]

Other than going to classes, we also had the opportunity to visit a pretty impressive piano factory that manufactures a lot of the piano you see under its own brand or other famous brands. A few years ago, I watched a documentary on Steinway Piano and read a book about it. Steinway emphasizes that they make their piano by hand so it takes a long time to … (continue reading..)

除了上課以外, 我們這次還特別有到北京的公司去參觀, 而且這次是到鋼琴工廠!特開心的. 之前看過紀錄Steinway 手工造琴的影片, 這次看到的是工業及量產化的造琴技術. 這是星海鋼琴, 在內地的知名度很高, 連北京奧運開幕的鋼琴都指定用他們的, 而他們隸屬的集團旗下還有個葡萄酒廠, 也是看起來滿國際化的一個葡萄釀…

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