[ Taichung ] The Cabbage Cooking Lab

There are many interesting theme restaurants in Taichung. I managed to explore one that was not too far away from where I was on the day. This Cabbage Cooking Lab is located on the top floor of the Qinmei Eslite Shopping Mall complex in …

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[ Taichung ] Antique Cafe, Cafe Antique

When would you expect to see a dozen of Chinese god statues about half of your height when you walked into a cafe? This is Yuansheng Cafe. Taichung (midwestern city of Taiwan) is full of all kinds of cafes. This multi-story cafe near the National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts is an…

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[ 南投 ] 夏日豔陽下的紙教堂

[ 下午豔陽下的南投紙教堂 ]  Paper Dome – A Church Made out of Paper

In 1995, a devasting earthquake in Japan destroyed 70% of the houses in the area affected. 300 volunteers worked on the consturction of the Paper Dome to be the base for rescue and support. In 1999, one of the most devasting earthquake in Taiwan history hit the middle part of Taiwan. 10 years after the Japanese earthquake, this Paper Dome travelled across…(continue in English here)

過去因為 1995 年的阪神大地震的重建而建的 Paper Dome, 在歷經 10 年後漂洋過海到了1999年受 921 大地震重創的南投。在現在這個新故鄉社區見學園區,看到了一群人讓一個老舊沒落的村落,在地震災難後找到…

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[ 埔里 ] 廣興紙寮 – 現代的手感紙

[ 小時候你做過紙?吃過紙嗎? ]

Hand-made Paper and Edible Paper!

The area that we went to was well known to be a place with excellent paper for various things (eg. brewery, paper-making, etc.). This place prospered from the Japanese occupation area and the main products produced are are the very… (continue in English here)

埔里因為水質優,在日治時期成了日本人製造高級 “和紙” 的紙寮,隨著台灣光復也成了外銷紙的重鎮,現在仍是知名的手工紙工廠,保留了許多這裡過去的風光歷史。在這裡不僅可以看到/體驗手工紙的整個製造過程 也可以吃….

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[ 南投埔里 ] 牛相觸花園餐坊



The Old Farmhouse Style Restaurant

When people visit the Sun Moon Lake area of Taiwan, or more specifically around the Puli area, this restuarant will most likely turn up on the search engine results. The food and ambience of this place have…(continue in English here)

以埔里來說,滿多人搜尋餐廳就會看到這間 “牛相觸” (其實馬路邊也滿多大招牌). 雖然大門口有隻大牛,不過他叫牛相觸的主要原因是因為他的老地名叫 “牛相觸” (地形關係). 這邊主要會有名主要除了他有些歷史外、他的農村古早味感覺,還有他的菜…

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[ 南投 ] 老英格蘭莊園 The Old England


Nine Years – The Old England sits on a mountain in the middle of Taiwan

Cingjing Farm in the Nantou County of Taiwan is a famous vacation spot for those who would like to have some nice relaxing and family time outdoor with sheep and some refreshing air. The Old England is a boutique hotel that took 9 years to build and 300 something containers to bring…(continue in English here)


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[ 南投 ] 在清靜的一場紙宴


Dining in a restaurant where almost everything is made out of paper!

After the windy road up to the Cingjing Farm area, we went to the Small Swiss Garden. At the entrance to the Garden, there was an interesting restaurant where everything (including your chair, table, plates, etc.) were made out of…(continue in English here)

從埔里開到仁愛鄉,彎來彎去的山路終於把我們帶到山上的另一個世界,因為已經下午了,所以只能去個景點後就去老英格蘭 check in. 我們就選了最靠近的小瑞士花園,除了花園以外,裏面還有個有趣的  “紙” 餐廳, 一….

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