[ 蘭嶼 ] The Traditional House and the Flying Fish Festival

[ 飛魚來了, 飛魚走了 ]

Someone said there’s only 2 seasons on the Orchid Island; that is the season when flying fish is here and the season when flying fish is gone. Flying fish is a kind of fish that has “wings” (or larger and stronger than usual pectoral fins) and can leap out of water as if it were flying to escape from their predators. Flying fish is almost iconic of… (continue reading...)

聽人說, 蘭嶼只有兩個季節, 一個是飛魚來了, 一個則是飛魚走了. 來到蘭嶼之前, 對蘭嶼的印象也似乎只有飛魚, 達悟族人和核廢料廠, 還有一部叫等待飛魚的電影, 電影是…

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[蘭嶼] A Difficult Route to the Other Worldly

[ 一身污泥換來的渺渺寧靜 ]

On the Orchid Island, there is a Heaven Lake (Large Tienchi). The hiking route to the high mountain lake is not an easy one. In fact, it is quite primitive and steep in some areas. With my D90 camera and runners, it was definitely another challenge. But I must say, it was a…(continue reading…)

這天的早上我們終於要上大天池了, 原本以為是一般登山步道, 沒想到步道只有前面一小段, 後面的都是與泥路, 抓樹根和拉繩索為伍的登山路線. 這時又實際感受到 D90 相機的重量和跑步鞋帶給的隨時會往前溜的刺激感. 不過到了最後的天池和後來下山去的青青草原, 都…

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[蘭嶼] Dining on the Island

DSC_1929[ 這裡沒有釀酒文化, 但羊會自己去喝台灣啤酒 ]  (有圖有真相)

Most Taiwanese would associate the aboriginal tribes here with millet wine (quite common for the tribes on the Taiwan island). But the aboriginal tribe on the Orchid Island does not have that in their history and culture. I think we’ve visited all of the must-go restaurants on the island (at least once for… (continue reading..)

大多數的人講到原住民就會想到小米酒, 但蘭嶼島上的達悟族人比較不同, 這邊主要還是以捕漁和種地瓜芋頭類的為主. 這次蘭嶼島上知名的餐廳我們都至少掃過一遍了吧, 有娃娃, 藍海屋, 無餓不坐, 美亞美, 人魚和貓.. 等. 上圖的這個是…

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[ 蘭嶼] Boats, Caves and Rocky Landscape

[ 一個晴天娃娃的蘭嶼 ]  有看到照片中的羊嗎?

The Orchid Island is formed as a result of volcanic eruption. So there are a lot of lava rocks in strange shapes and associations. Along the dramatic coastlines, you’d also see the iconic Yami traditional fishing boats on the shores, waiting for sunset, and goats on the edge of cliff, hopping around as if there was nothing to fear. After the rainy weather the day before, we made a… (continue reading...)
在蘭嶼只有三個季節: 飛魚來了, 飛魚走了和冬天. 在這個由火山爆發行程的地理環境, 可以看到許多奇岩怪石, 也有許多特別的故事. 海岸上的鮮艷拼版舟, 等著晚上出航. 懸崖上的山羊踏著…


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[ 蘭嶼 ] To the Lighthouse

[ 風雨中的機車環島 ]

We were there for four days. The weather on the first day was not so great. It was cloudy and rainy. We went to the old lighthouse, picked up a doggy on the way (more on this later), and then just when we were going to continue our motorcycle journey around the island, the…. (continue reading...)

第一天到達時的天氣像是颱風一樣的灰暗, . 去完開元港, 半路載了一隻小白(狗), 之後又想往環島目標前進時,中途開始下起大雨, 我們就這樣飛車地衝回光….

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[ 蘭嶼 ] Above the Clouds in a 19 Seater

[ 那晚我夢到我們背著木板滑翔翼, 從懸崖縱身一跳 ]

Orchid Island (or Lanyu) is an island off the southeastern coast of Taiwan. This is a very unique island because of the aboriginal tribes and culture of this land. People here lead a simple life and their seasons are marked by the arrival of the “flying fish”. This beautiful island, at one time, was also used for disposing the nuclear waste from the nuclear power plants in Taiwan without… (continue reading...)

我們搭了一個晚上的火車到了台東, 接著早上的飛機前往蘭嶼, 超久沒坐過這種螺旋槳小飛機, 還好風大爺我們飛行的那幾天心情很平靜, 不然真的還是會讓人怕怕. 蘭嶼是為在台東外海的一個小島嶼, 島的主人是達悟族人, 這裡曾經….

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[ 宜蘭 ] 龜山島登島記

[ 一座我們常常經過, 也常常說要登的島 ]

The Turtle Island (or Guishan Island) is off the shore of Yilan County, on the east coast of Taiwan. This island is a bit different from any island in that it has an active volcano, some local fishermen history and military background. It was closed to the public for a while when it became a base for military. It’s now reopened but visiting the island requires application to… (continue reading…)

UK 回來的第一天就殺去這啦!龜山島就是那個每次我們開車會經過但是又一直沒去的島,它和其他的島有點不同的地方是上島要事先登記, 這裡曾是軍事基地, 現在還有個一直在噴泉的海底火山. 它看起來像隻烏龜, 是個有點神祕的….

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