[ Beitou ] Wagashi & Lunch in the Museum

The cool thing about living in Taipei is you can attend all sorts of classes, some of which might not be so easily accessible even in its “country of origin”. We went to the Beitou Museum for a Japanese wagashi (sweets that go with the bitter matcha) making session. Set in a historic… Continue reading


[ 鶯歌 ] 陶博館柴燒去!

[ 一進窯的 只能等待天命 ]

這學期上的陶藝課程讓我們可以在鶯歌的陶藝博物館的園區燒窯,不過這次特別的是我們燒的是 “柴燒“, 也就是作品不上釉,色彩&亮度等靠燒柴時的 “灰” 落在作品上然後在高溫的環境中產生顏色變化。這整個過程這次來講是 4 天, 也就是日夜都需有人在窯旁邊監控溫度,溫度需變或低於標準時,就須趕緊…

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