The Religious Sides of Prague

The elaborate Baroque decor in the Church of sv Mikulas. Not a single thing in there doesn’t look like it’s doing something, which makes the whole church look rather ‘busy’ to the eyes.

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Strahov Monastery

The Philosophy Hall – One of the two beautifully done library in the Strahov Monastery in Prague. It’s truely impresive in the sense that the exterior and the rest of the monastery might not look anything like what’s in the library, which makes the two elegantly-decorated libraries in a monastery founded in 1140 stand out. It is normally not…

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Nerudova – A street of tradition and surprises

Nerudova in Prague is one of the most colorful and well-preserved streets in Prague. & It has been said that it has changed little since Mozart walked them during his visits between 1787-1791. What makes this street so fascinating is that each house has its unique + fancy characteristic and pictorial house signs. Some has a large lobster above the door. Other signs include: a key, a red lion, 3 violins, etc. Nowadays, many of the larger + fancier buildings are home to the various countries’ embassy in Czech Republic. Other ones become…

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Golden Lane & Franz Kafka

The Golden Lane at the Prague Castle is one of the most attractive and popular sight to visit with its brightly colored little cottages. It was originally built for the castle buards, then in the 17th-century, goldsmiths occupied the place and hence its name now. Then by the 19th-century, it becomes a place where craftsman and artists lived. The famous writier F. Kafka (the guy who wrote the story of a man who wakes up to realize he has turned into a big bug – Metamorphosis) also spent some of his life here. But of course, there is certainly more to…

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Prague’s Hidden Heart Beat

People often associate Prague with the centuries-old buildings with elabrate floral and extravagant carvings. But there’s also another side to Prague that’s wholly modern and chic just like any other large cities. The place in the photo is the food court-like area of a mall near Namesti Republicky. The exteior of the building may look unattractive. But there’s a sort of hidden heart beat inside the…

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Living in Art Deco in the Fairy Tale City

Upon landing on the land of Czech national music composers from a long flight, the first sounds we heard was the plucked bass with winds followed by the lush string orchestration playing the introduction of the famous movement  from Smetana’s nationalistic symphononic poem “My Vlast” (My Country), which immitate the sound of water flow & currents of the river “The Moldau” that runs through the heart of the place. No other music was more than suitable for introducing visitors to Czech Republic & you’ll immediately recognize the tune once you hear it as it’s so often featured at other mediums.

I’ve returned to Smetana & Dvorak’s Prague  (Praha) a bit more than 2 years after my first visit. Europe is much colder than I imagined for July. When it’s sunny, it feels like summer. When the sun is nowhere to be seen, it suddenly becomes freezing cold. We stayed at the Hotel Imperial near Namesti Republicky for 3 nights. It was a piece of historial gem in terms of Prague Art Deco. Prauge in July blossomed so did something else on my face. I was pretty jolly for the first 2 days until I started some unpreceeded allergic reaction to something and…

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