[Cologne] Rimowa Flagship Store & Museum

koln 2014 rimowa

The world renown Rimowa is one that many frequent travelers would own. Before we knew it, we’ve moved on from the other brands to this robust German brand. Many when they visit Germany would try to get a good deal for a Rimowa. Among many stores in Germany, we had never seen one with a Rimowa Museum! This is the… Continue reading


[ 杜賽道夫 ] My Dine Out Map 2010

[ 年度大拜拜進入第四年 ]

It was time to pay our pilgrimage to the big “Mecca in Dusseldorf, Germany for the year again. Every year pretty much followed the same routine, ate at the same area. But this time, I actually didn’t eat in the Altstadt (old town) at all and pretty much ate Japanese food in one of the largest… (continue reading…)

又到了前進德國杜塞道夫年度大展的時候了, 這次的天氣還是冰冷, 但至少沒下雨!不同於過去幾乎每天晚上都到老城報到祭五臟廟, 這是幾乎天天都殺到日本城 (Jap Town) , 聽說 Dusseldorf 有德國最大的 Jap Town, 除了料理道地外, 費…

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[ 慕尼黑 ] The Residence Palace

[ Bavaria 沒落貴族的皇室 ]

If I were to name one of the must-sees in Munich, other than the BMW museum, I would name this Residence Palace. Before “Germany” came into being, Bavaria (now more like a state/province) was once a country with its own monarchy. The House of Wittelsbach ruled Bavaria for 700 hundred years and this Residence Palace is…. (continue reading…)

Bavaria 是德國的最大的”省”, 但在 “德國” 成為一個 “國” 之前, Bavaria 是個由一個皇族 (House of Wittelsbach) 管的國家, 而且這個皇族在位達 700 多年, 這個皇宮是當時…

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[ 慕尼黑 ] Hofbrauhaus – 啤酒廳

[ 啤酒瘋 ] 從一個中世紀國王的婚禮延續下來的天天喝到醉傳統

We know there are quite a few beer breweries in Bavaria and we know that the famous 2-week non-stop “beer-binging” festival of Oktoberfest is actually a tradition that started in 1810 to celebrate the wedding of the Crown Prince Ludwig to Princess Therese von Sachsen-Hildburghausen. Walking into the Haubrauhaus is like walking into a clock rewinded. Or into some massive medieval…. (continue reading..)

9 月底到10月初在慕尼黑有超大的啤酒節,但在慕尼黑要狂灌啤酒不用等到那時候,慕尼黑有許多啤酒釀製廠及所謂的 Beer Halls. 在這些一進去就像走出時鐘的世界,可以…

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[ 慕尼黑 ] BMW Welt – World of BMW

[ BMW 寶馬世界 ]  The World of BMWs

The headquarter and factories of BMW are located in Munich. Munich is also where the company started in 1913. The BMW Welt (BMW World), completed in 2007, becomes one of the “must-go” attractions in Munich. It’s not only a… (continue reading…)

世界名車有很多,但不知道為什麼我會覺得開 BMW 的男生特別帥+成熟穩重..(笑) :p 看來 BMW 的形象打造得成功喔! BMW 來自德國, 總部和工廠都在慕尼黑. 2007 落成 & 開放大眾參觀的 BMW Welt (寶馬世界)是個凡是來慕尼黑的人都應該會去的景點。它的前衛…

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Neuschwanstein and its Fairy Tale King

[ 住在自己童話故事的天鵝國王 ]

Neuschwanstein – a.k.a. the Swan Lake castle (a nearby lake was also the inspiration for Tchaikovsky’s “Swan Lake”) & the “Disney” logo castle. This fairy-tale like castle was built by a king who lived in a time he didn’t belong to. Associated with the Austrian Empress Sisi and the Romantic composer Richard Wagner, King Ludwig II of Bavaria was…. (continue reading…)

新天鵝堡是個世界數一數二的知名城堡, 但吸引人的不只是它的外表, 還有它那故事充滿悲劇性的主人. 這個國王生在 1850 年後的世界, 卻活在中古世界裡. 蓋著一座又一座不可一世的華麗中古世紀城堡, 耗盡國庫資產, 最後還被當成”瘋子”, 死因不明. 但不可否認的是, 這座城堡的魅力橫跨世紀, 是迪士尼的夢幻城堡 & 柴可夫斯基天鵝湖的靈感來源, 也是…

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[ 慕尼黑 ] Stuck in Europe

[ 機場流浪記 終 ] Living off the Munich Airport
So we took the train from Salzburg to Munich Airport the day before our rescheduled flight. We opted for a higher hotel bill for less moving around above ground, underground, horizontally, vertically and diagonally with our ready-to-go-over-the-weight-limit luggage. There are still lots of… (continue reading…)
所以我們在終於要離開歐洲的前一天, 從奧地利搬回來了. 直接殺到機場去住那, 雖然機場 hotel 有點爛又超貴, 每次拉著快超重的行李 (中途多了不在預料中的超大德文課本&作業本) 上上下下, 坐長途車實在是 OMG. 機場還是有許多夜宿….

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