[ Cotswolds ] Road to Bibury and Burton on the Water

Some people say the most beautiful part of England is its countryside. Cotswalds in the midlands is where you’d find some of the most picturesque English country scenery. Bibury, according to William Morris – an English artist of the Victorian time, is “the most beautiful village in England.” Along that line was Burton on the Water. We… Continue reading


[ Birmingham ] Jamie’s Italian


[ 都市中的鄉村風 ]

Have been unbelievably busy lately ever since the beginning of October. But somehow managed to do some things that are not related to the degree pursued. *phew~* Went for a short day trip to Birmingham the other weekend. Didn’t… (continue in English here)


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[ Midlands ] Warwick 的鄉村風


[Warwick 平靜中的喧譁]

The schedule for this trip was pretty intense. It was pretty much office->dinner->hotel->morning gym session->office->dinner->hotel, etc. The dinner restaurants are nice restaurants and I took a… (continue reading…)

Warwick 是個有點 “中世紀” 的城市. 這裡有個大城堡, 裡面還有的著名的鬼屋樂園. 這個城鎮的白天和晚上的人氣差很多… 而且街道和餐廳裡的人氣也差很多. 早上和晚上, 我們住的這裡 (也就是 Wariwick 的 highstreet)… “靜”. 但當你進去餐廳時又會發現…

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[ Cornwall ] The Edges of Lands, Sea and Sky

[ 天空為什麼是藍色的 ]

“Why is the sky blue?” So someone came up with this question on the car and I just saw an advert with this line as I wrote this post. So why is the sky blue? I can tell you precisely… (continue reading…)

在寫這則 post 時剛好看到一則公益廣告標題, 我們也曾在車上有這個 discussion. 所以為什麼天空是藍的呢? 先插話一下, 照片中的這個地方是…

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[ Cornwall ] 一片彩虹的 St. Ives

[ 一片彩虹的 St. Ives ]

Named the “most famous of Cornish holiday towns”, St. Ives was rather quiet when we visited. It was definitely quite cold as well. Other than that title, I looked… (continue reading…)

St. Ives 是個據說在 Cornwall 來說最有名的渡假小鎮之一. 除了這個響噹噹的 title 之外,這個小鎮有什麼非常特別的地方呢?仔細詳讀了….

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[ Cornwall ] The Courtyard Cottage

[ 在一個超遙遠但很像家的一個地方 ]

The first day of Easter holiday is a nightmare for train travel. You wouldn’t believe it. It’s a bit traveling in Taiwan or China on the first day of the Chinese New Year holiday. But maybe less crazy because there are not as many people here I guess. So we were off to the southwestern edge of England where… (continue reading…)

英國的復活節假期是個很像過農曆年的假日, 假期的第一天搭火車是個充滿戲劇性的 prelude. 但有時候旅行就是要有這些哭笑不得的 “我的天啊” moments 才會有不一樣的故事可以說吧. :p 這次托朋友的福可以到在大英帝國地圖上最….

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[ East Sussex ] 回學校去! Herstmonceux

[  終於回學校啦! ]  Our 3 quid journey back to school.

There’s just something about Herstmonceux that makes people want to come back for it again and again. It is, in fact, in the middle of nowhere. But the thing is, the castle is also a place with lots of memories. This is a 13th century castle. Home to the Greenwich Royal Observatory when London was too polluted during… (continue reading…)

這次回來 UK 特別回 Herstmonceux 拿些學校的東西.  Herstmonceux 城堡是2005年我到 UK 讀的一所屬於加拿大皇后大學 (Queen’s University) 的 Study Centre. 平時的課程和早午晚餐都在這座 13 世紀的城堡裡進行. 學生的宿舍在附近 (新的建築). 這座城堡的四周….

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