[ Edinburgh ] Chester Residence

[ 在愛丁堡也能住很像家的地方 ]  Continue in English here.

這次很臨時的去了蘇格蘭的愛丁堡,以前都是住在舊城的那端,雖然離景點都很近,但晚上可能就有些吵鬧或是”淒涼”,因為愛丁堡是個滿老的城市,許多建築都黑黑的,而且還有 “鬼城” 一說,Anyway, 我們這次住在一間 serviced apartment,這間在….

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[ Highlands ] Ancient Stone Circles & Hairy Coo


We didn’t get a pic of the famous HAIRY COOS in Scotland so we were hunting over the places for one to take a pic of. We finally found one right under the barracks blew up by the Highlanders who heard that their Bonnie Prince Charlie had left them to their own fate after the defeat on the battlefield of Culloden. Too bad the coo just didn’t want to turn its head toward us! It didn’t even bother to look up at us. It just went about its own business! We waited forever but yah.. that was just too bad.

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