[ Masai Mara ] Leopard & Lioness

Today must be our lucky day because we saw cheetah, leopards and lions all in the morning safari.  After so many days without seeing cheetah and leopard, we were super excited to finally find them on the 6th day! Continue reading


[ Masai Mara ] The Grassland of Africa

We were ready to head out at 4 to FIND the big cats. The African grassland on National Geography/ Discovery / Animal Planet channels is not comparable to what you see as you sit/stand in the middle of it. You simply cannot replicate it with a lens. After the game drive, we had Dr. Elena Chelysheva – the principal investigator of the Mara Meru Cheetah Project as a special speaker to share her knowledge about the cheetahs and the research project her team is working on. Continue reading

[ 杜拜 ] 在人造島上的亞特蘭提斯

[ 杜拜人造島經典作上的龍宮 ]  Atlantis on the Palm Jumeirah

On our last night in the U.A.E, we went to the Atlantis the Palm Resort on Palm Jumeirah. Palm Jumeirah is an artificial archipelago (islands) that is part of the Dubai government’s plan of 3 palm-shape and world-shape artificial archipelagoes. Although it’s the first and the…(continue reading... )

最後一天的晚上, 我們到了拉斯維加斯 + 水底皇宮 style 的亞特蘭提斯旅館. 這間旅館位在人造棕櫚島. 杜拜政府本來規劃了三個這樣的人造棕櫚島 (不同 size) 和世界島. 我記得好幾年前在電視上也提到了 “來吧!擁有世界一島” 的夢.  不過在金融海嘯衝擊下, 目前….

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