[ Vancouver ] Trump Hotel

Back to Vancouver for best friend’s wedding! Still miss the landscape from time to time. Stayed at 2 hotels this time. One of which was the Trump Hotel Vancouver. This is one of the newer hotels in downtown Vancouver..  Continue reading


[ Vancouver ] Dark Table Restaurant

Dark Table Vancouver

Dining in the dark is definitely quite a memorable experience. The concept of dining in the dark has been around for some time already and there are restaurants like this in cities like London, New York, Paris, LA, Montreal, etc. But it wasn’t til recently that I managed to try it!  Basically, we had to… Continue reading

[ 溫哥華 ] Dark Table Restaurant

[ 在一片漆黑中的晚餐 ]

在伸手不見五指的餐廳裡吃飯這個餐廳的 idea 其實在許多大城市 (London, LA, Paris, New York 等)已經有,只不過一直沒有機會嘗試,這次好友特別安排我們到溫哥華的 Dark Table 餐廳用晚餐,真的是超級有趣的經驗!在完全沒有光的環境裡,人真的會感覺到脆弱!因為你會聽到周遭有很多聲音,可能是有人在交談,也有可能是有人在移動什麼,但是就算你的眼睛是開的,你還是…

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[ 溫哥華DT ] Hawkworth Restaurant

[ 重返溫哥華 Dine Out 世界 ]

這次在溫哥華非常短暫的停留,好友 arrange 我們到一間贏了很多獎的餐廳用晚餐。 這間位在 Rosewood Hotel Georgia (溫哥華市中心) 的 Hawkworth 餐廳,除了氣氛好外(平日進去都是西裝客),這間餐廳的主廚們都是有獎項加持. 這間以 contemporary cuisine (現代創意料理) 為主的餐廳,一進去…

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[ Hotel ] Radisson Hotel Vancouver Airport


I was in Vancouver for a few days and didn’t want to spend much for a convenient and decent hotel. I also didn’t want to be too far from the airport. So I looked into the hotels in Richmond. I looked Considering the Vancouver International Airport is actually not too far from the downtown and the surrounding area is quite populated as well, I’m not sure hotels in Richmond (the city where the Vancouver Int’l Airport is located) can be strictly classified as an airport hotel. But it is very close to the airport (a few skytrain stops away) and it offers free shuttle service to/from the airport. The… Continue reading

[ 溫哥華 ] 走訪過去 重拾記憶

[ 在飛機上突然醒來, 奇怪, 我要去哪? ]

I woke up on the airplane and was confused. From home to the airport, passed through immigration, security check, to VIP room, boarded the aircraft, watched a few films.. everything was on auto-pilot mode and did not require a brain cell. But the destination… (continue reading…)

從家裡到機場, 過海關, 過安檢, 到貴賓室, 搭上飛機. 睡了幾覺, 看了幾部電影, 幾片短片. 一切就像自動包裝機的產線, 不須一絲腦細胞地照著流程走.但今天的目的地不是熟悉的台北, 廈門, 東京, 大阪, 倫敦, 法蘭克福或洛杉磯.

這時機長廣播, 我們即將降落於溫哥華機場.

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