[ Parksville ] Among the Tall and Old Trees

 [ 久違的神木叢林 ]
Giant Douglas fir trees in the MacMillan Provincial Park on Vancouver Island. The trail in this park is not very long and easy to walk on. Because the trees here can be over 800 years old ( & thus are fragile), one of the things one… (continue reading…)

MacMillan 省立公園是個住滿了神木的地方, 在溫哥華島上, 離 Parksville 不遠的地方, 這邊有個不錯的步道, 但在這片綠色叢林裡, 要….

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[ Parksville ] Beach Club Resort

[ 這可以算另一個家嗎?]

It was like our home by the beach for a few days. When we used to live in Vancouver, we’d go to Parksville on the Vancouver Island almost once every year. We’d stay at a resort by the beach and dig clams (you could easily get buckets of it) or go along the coast to find oysters. This is… (continue reading…)

Parksville 是個在溫哥華島比較偏中北邊的小鎮, 這邊有甚麼超大景點嗎?其實沒有. 但這邊是個 perfect 的 family weekend holiday 景點, 之前住在溫哥華時每年幾乎都一定會全家來這, 住在海邊的 resort 幾天, 在退潮的沙灘上挖蛤蠣或海岸邊找蚵…

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[ 維多利亞 ] Butchart Garden in Full Bloom

[ 小蜜蜂襲擊 ]

The chubby blurry thing in the photo is exactly what you think it is. May is the best time to visit the Butchard Garden on Vancouver Island. Although the attraction is one of the must-gos there, if you can pick a season to go, May would be the best time. You can also have a relaxing afternoon… (continue reading…)

照片中那肥肥胖胖有點模糊有目標地在空中往前進的東西… 沒錯!就是蜜蜂. 五月是個賞花的好時節, 在溫哥華島上的布查特花園就是個在春天很熱鬧的地方. 成語 “百花齊放” 用在這來描述花園的…

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[ Victoria ] Wharfside Seafood / Grille

[ 好的服務讓食物都會笑 ]

Sometimes finding a good restaurant in a foreign city can be a bit tough. The food might not be good; the price might not be good; the service might not be good. It was very windy that sunny day when we were out to find our dinner place in Victoria… (continue reading…)

在維多利亞這麼重要 (?) 卻又有點荒涼的地方, 當天我們頂著大風沿著海港尋找可以祭五臟廟的地方, 剛好看到這間外面有隻大龍蝦的餐廳 – Wharfside Seafood Restaurant, 我們的服務生讓人…

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[ Victoria ] Empress and her Highness

 [ 聽英國人說這是個比英國還英國的地方 ]

Victoria is where the seat of Parliament is for the Province of BC. It’s a not-so-big city located at the southern tip of the Vancouver Island (a pretty large island just off the coast of Vancouver). A old English lady I met in a southern town some years ago in England once told me, the people here in Victoria are more “English” than the real English. What she meant…. (continue reading…)

維多利亞位於溫哥華島 (溫哥華外海有個還滿大的島) 的南方, 是卑詩省的省政廳所在處, 這地方在我3年前在英國南方的一個小鎮的書店閒逛時,老闆娘跟我們說, 她去過維多利亞, 那裡的人讓她覺得比…

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