[ Vancouver ] Trump Hotel

Back to Vancouver for best friend’s wedding! Still miss the landscape from time to time. Stayed at 2 hotels this time. One of which was the Trump Hotel Vancouver. This is one of the newer hotels in downtown Vancouver..  Continue reading


[ 溫哥華 ] 走訪過去 重拾記憶

[ 在飛機上突然醒來, 奇怪, 我要去哪? ]

I woke up on the airplane and was confused. From home to the airport, passed through immigration, security check, to VIP room, boarded the aircraft, watched a few films.. everything was on auto-pilot mode and did not require a brain cell. But the destination… (continue reading…)

從家裡到機場, 過海關, 過安檢, 到貴賓室, 搭上飛機. 睡了幾覺, 看了幾部電影, 幾片短片. 一切就像自動包裝機的產線, 不須一絲腦細胞地照著流程走.但今天的目的地不是熟悉的台北, 廈門, 東京, 大阪, 倫敦, 法蘭克福或洛杉磯.

這時機長廣播, 我們即將降落於溫哥華機場.

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[ Gastown] Water Street & Cheesecake

[ 住了這麼久都沒看過這個標示 ]

So a visit to the Gastown in a  must when you visit Vancouver/. It was one of the earliest areas to develop in Vancouver and it sits right next to the most western terminus of the Canadian Pacific Railway.  Many of the old buildings from the early 1900s are still around. When you walk down the street, you might.. (continue reading..)

Gastown 是溫哥華最早發展的區之一 (兩百多年歷史吧), 它就位於以前太平洋中央火車站旁. 也就是 1900 年初期橫跨加拿大的火車最西邊的停靠站 / 終點,  這邊的建築許多很舊的老式建築, 乍看像有點像倫敦, 又有點像紐約街頭,  現在看, 老實說…

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[ Richmond ] 在冬奧激情之後 & 日本料理


 [ 在冬奧激情之後 ]

After the Winter Olympics in Vancouver earlier this year, many venues used for the games are still in the stage of being transformed into something that will (hopefully) earn $ in the long run. The Richmond Oval is no exception. We went on a tour to visit see the… (continue reading…)

在離開溫哥華的前一天和好友去參觀了冬季奧運在 Richmond 的場地. 在奧運之後, 許多這些算是為了奧運建起來的建築大多需要被重整然後再利用. Richmond Oval 那時就是正在被重新整裡成個多功能的體育健身中心, 有許多 “奧運” 級的器材, 而且市民只需…

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[ 溫哥華 ] Olympics Cypress and the View

[  會讓人想念的地方 ]

Vancouver is not exactly an ideal place for young, ambitious and career-oriented people. The tempo is a bit slow and excellent job opportunities is scarce in comparison to other cities. But it is undeniably one of the most beautiful places that… (continue reading…)

每個來過溫哥華的人都讚美這裡的美景和新鮮空氣, 但幾乎每個住過這個城市的亞洲人, 都覺得這城市太慢, 太無聊了. 雖然我們也不例外, 在這時常常說這裡太平靜了, 像老人退休來的地方. 但離開後, 又開始覺得它還是讓人很想念. 也許是因為除了….

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[ 溫哥華] Downtown 的香格里拉酒店

[ 溫哥華的香格里拉 ]

I’ve never spent a night in downtown Vancouver until then. We’ve thought about getting an apartment here from time to time but the prices are just outrageously high. So being homeless this time, we booked half of our stay in Vancouver in the Shangri-La hotel in Downtown Vancouver. It’s the tallest… (continue reading…)

要在溫哥華看到高樓大廈, 只有到市中心才看得到吧. 第一次回溫哥華可以住 downtown! 而且是在最高樓 Shangari-La Hotel 的… 下面樓層.  其實飯店房間佔那高樓只有 7-15層, 7 層以下都是公共設施, 15樓以上應該是住家吧. 在飯店外有個很格格不入的…

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[ Richmond ] 再訪我們之前的 “家”

[  回之前的家  ]

After our month-long trip around the globe, we’re finally making to our last major stop – Vancouver. It was or home for 1/2 of my being and it is one of the most breath-taking places in the world. When you speak of Vancouver to most people who have been there, you would… (continue reading…)

我們繞了地球一圈, 終於到了最後一站, 也是我們住了十幾年的地方 – 溫哥華. 溫哥華才在幾個月前舉辦了冬季奧運, 是個有好山好水適合喜愛戶外活動和大自然的退休勝地. 每個到過溫哥華的人都..,

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