[ LAX ] T4 – China Airlines First Class Lounge


This lounge is on the upper floor (4th floor) after you pass through immigration and security check. Although this is a First Class Lounge and not a China Airlines lounge (a bunch of other airlines share this lounge as well), I think it’s far from “first class”. The lounge is actually separated into two areas – this First Class room and another bigger room next door. Both look pretty similar to me. It’s just the First Class lounge has less people, it’s smaller and the food has a bit more… Continue reading


[ LAX ] Sheraton Gateway Hotel

LAX Sheraton Gateway

Passing through the US border is always a stressful and annoying event, especially when the officer sees that you’re traveling alone and got there early enough to be “quarantined” for more questions and inspections. I’ve traveled more than 35 countries and this is the only country that I feel like they treat foreigners like they’re not welcomed (oh pu-leease not every foreigner wants to stay and live in the US). Anyway, my Air Canada flight time was ridiculously changed to 2-hrs after + 1 hr delay, so I got to LAX almost 12AM.  I was planning to get there around 8pm and rest at the hotel but obviously didn’t get to bed ’til almost 2am. Because I was taking another flight out around noon time the next day, I decided to stay at Sheraton… Continue reading