[ LAX ] T4 – China Airlines First Class Lounge


This lounge is on the upper floor (4th floor) after you pass through immigration and security check. Although this is a First Class Lounge and not a China Airlines lounge (a bunch of other airlines share this lounge as well), I think it’s far from “first class”. The lounge is actually separated into two areas – this First Class room and another bigger room next door. Both look pretty similar to me. It’s just the First Class lounge has less people, it’s smaller and the food has a bit more… Continue reading


[ LAX ] Sheraton Gateway Hotel

LAX Sheraton Gateway

Passing through the US border is always a stressful and annoying event, especially when the officer sees that you’re traveling alone and got there early enough to be “quarantined” for more questions and inspections. I’ve traveled more than 35 countries and this is the only country that I feel like they treat foreigners like they’re not welcomed (oh pu-leease not every foreigner wants to stay and live in the US). Anyway, my Air Canada flight time was ridiculously changed to 2-hrs after + 1 hr delay, so I got to LAX almost 12AM.  I was planning to get there around 8pm and rest at the hotel but obviously didn’t get to bed ’til almost 2am. Because I was taking another flight out around noon time the next day, I decided to stay at Sheraton… Continue reading

[ 聖地牙哥 ] Breakfast at Thyme in the Ranch

 [ 很溫馨的家庭式早餐 ]

We normally don’t go out for breakfast. But this time we went to the nearby Rancho Santa Fe village for breakfast. The bakery where we had our breakfast feels quite homey. As we walked … (continue reading…)

我們幾乎不太會出門吃早餐, 但這天 family friend 帶我們去附近 village 的一間小烘培坊吃早餐.  Bakery 的門很小, 而且裡塞滿了各式的烘培品和聖誕送禮用的餅乾籃. 是個色調很溫馨的地方. 一進門就…

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[ 聖地牙哥 ] Mille Fleurs

Among the Rich & Famous in the heart of Rancho Santa Fe, California.

We went to Mille Fleurs for our last dinner of the year in the southern part of California. It is one of the most classy and expensive restaurants around and apparently many rich and famous gathers here for some quality time away from the noises of press and inquisitive strangers. The restaurant has a cozy feel with the warm Christmas lights bringing the homey ambience to…

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[ 聖地牙哥 ] Adios to San Diego

I know this has been over due for 2 weeks but oh well~! Life has been busy. haha. There’s always that excuse! After our last dinner, we went to get ice cream at this small shopping plaza place. Most of the shops were closed but there was still a lot of cars. Maybe they were all there for the restaurants? It is not surpring to see lots of parking spaces around in San Diego simply because everyone NEEDS to have a car to get around (nothing is within walking distance). You don’t see buses a lot (I mean you don’t see one outside of downtown San Diego everyday. If you’re lucky (?), you’ll probably see one in a week that sort of thing. & There’s no subway or anything like that outside of downtown. & Most people don’t…

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[ 聖地牙哥 ] Surfers & Titanic Tea in Pacific Beach

Things have been insanely busy ever since I got back to Taiwan. So I’m uploading my photos at a quite slow pace too. :p This photo was taken at the Pacific Beach in San Diego. Met up with a friend from Vancouver in San Diego and we went to the PB for dinner and to a bar (& a sketchy one). lol. The sunset at the beach was really quite magnificent. It was the perfect California beach day with lots of people strolling and surfing! There’s something certainly quite…

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