E. Hemingway’s Cats, Lighthouse and Pub

[Ernest Hemingway Home & Museum. Key West, Florida]

Now home to 60 or so cats and one of the main attractions in the city, especially for Hemingway fans. They say Hemingway is a complicated man. He wrote great novels, was an alcoholic, got himself so depressed that he shot himself. I’ve only read his “Old Man and the Sea” (American literature was never really a main part of our curriculm in our Canadian system) and didn’t really get much out of it. I must be missing something important but all I knew at the time when I read it (high school) was this book was althogh this book was thin, it was pretty difficult to get through. Perhaps if …

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36 Hours in the US Southernmost

[Cruiseships Docking] Key West, Florida – The US contiental southernmost.

Before AARC ended, we were on our way to Key West, the most southern part of US for another business meeting and an afternoon of sightseeing. The Keys is a chain of 800+ islands off the tail of Florida; Key West is at the very end. It is closer to Cuba than it is to Miami. The water here, of course, has the color of the Carribean sea. Because of its location, it’s also one of the hotest spots for cruiseships sailing in the Carribean line to stop here for a day, making this “Conch Republic” so crowded with tourists.

Before coming to Key West, I didn’t know anything about this place. But I was quite surprised to learn that this city off the very southern end of US was once the wealthiest town in US with all the riches from the shipwrecks off its reef shore. It went through various ups and downs thereafter and…


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