[ Las Vegas ] Residence Inn by Marriott

This time we chose to stay at the Residence Inn by Marriott by the Convention Centre instead of the Hilton Convention Centre Hotel because we didn’t want to have to walk through casinos everyday. The Residence Inn is just like residential complex with lots of houses like you see here. It is very contrasting comparing to those tall hotel buildings around or on the strip of Las Vegas. It is also pretty quiet and far from the noisy centre but pretty close to the Convention… Continue reading


[ Las Vegas Dine Out ] Hofbrauhaus & etc.


[ 你們這邊也有 Hofbrauhaus 喔 !! ] 好的好的, 我想我該停了.

The taxi driver said… so when Germans see it, they’d be surprised and say “There’s Hofbrauhaus here too!”  Then we said, that was exactly what we said (with the same intonation as well) when we first saw it as we passed by it on our way from the airport to… (continue reading…)


計程車司機說: 哎呦, 德國人坐車經過 Hofbrauhaus 就很驚訝+surprised 的說 “你們這邊也有 Hofbrauhaus 喔!!”  我們就說… 歐麥尬, 我們那天經過也是一樣很驚訝 + surprised 的說 “你們這邊也有 Hofbrauhaus 喔!!”  所以這些跑機場路線的計程車運將, 每天搞不好都要….

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[ Las Vegas ] 在充滿光, 影和秀場人生的地方

[ 在充滿光, 影和秀場人生的地方 ]  也許握在手中的才是真實的.

In this city full of lights, gambling and show life, perhaps only those that you could hold in your hands are real. Well, this could mean the coins that you’re holding or anything really I guess. ANYWAY,  this year’s AARC congress we’re in Las Vegas for the exhibition of the year. I guess for these annual congress, it’s essential that… (continue reading…)

除了手中緊握的銅板外, 對人, 對事, 對物, 我想這也是最貼切不過的.  這次又跟著美國醫學年會到了沙漠中的賭城 – 拉斯維加斯. 這些年會真是會選地方, 一定都要選好玩的地方開年會+上課. 不過同樣是開會, 如能選個比較不無聊的, 這想法也是對的啦. 這次我們在這個像沙漠中的幻影中的瘋狂城市, 一切都看起來還…

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