[ New York ] Armani Ristorante


In Tokyo, brand names like Chanel and Mikimoto have their own “branded” cafe or restaurant in their main store. If you are looking for some Armani themed hospitality, other than the Armani Hotel in Dubai, you can also check out the Armani Ristorante on… Continue reading


[ New York ] 9/11 Memorial


Can’t believe it has been 10 years since the event that shook the whole world. I still remember that morning. I was just heading to school in the morning and heard someone said that there’s going to be another world war now. The repeating image of the horror was everywhere on the media. After… Continue reading

[ 紐約 ] MOMA and Alexander McQueen at the MET

[ 在這裡,我終於瞭解時裝設計真的是一門藝術 ]

The design by Alexander McQueen is nothing like we see in stores. The works by McQueen exhibited at the “Savage Beauty” exhibition at the New York MET are truly like pieces of art. McQueen’s design reflect many aspects of “Romanticism”, a movement in art history that is characterized by dramatic expressions of emotions. His.. (continue reading…)

在紐約時剛好遇到英國服裝設計師 Alexander McQueen 在紐約大都會博物館的特展,這個名為 “Savage Beauty” (野蠻美麗/魅力) 的展出集結了 McQueen 一生中讓人印象十分深刻的 runway 作品,無不讓人驚歎原來時裝設計的…

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[ 紐約 ] 食在紐約 Dine Out Map 2011

[ 食在紐約 ]Dining in New York

New York has a lot of very nice restaurants. But one probably has to stay here for a while (& have the money) to experience them. I didn’t try many nice restaurants this time ’cause I got lazy at the end of the day and didn’t really want to go too far for restaurants. But I still managed to get four interesting ones to… (continue reading…)

紐約有許多知名的餐廳,也有一些不錯但名氣沒那麼響亮的餐廳,這次比較沒有去幾間因為晚上回去飯店就懶得出門,不過這次還是可以來介紹四間有特色的地方,有水晶, 有骨髓, 有日式義大利麵, 還有那電影 Serendipity 出….

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[ 紐約 ] 電影築出來的慾望城市


[ 電影築出來的慾望城市 ]

Since my last visit to New York about more than 12  years ago, the city probably has not changed much but my impression changed. The concrete sky scrapers and the crowds of people used to look so monumental have now become more modest in size. The image of a city filled with….   (continue reading… )

10 幾年第一次來紐約的印象非常的黑暗,散發惡臭的人擠人街道, 各式各樣的人, 消防梯外翻的老舊建築, 黑暗的窄巷….那時出門家長都說不要隨便盯著別人看,不然就有可能會出事。後來又有高中老師訴說她在紐約街頭被綁架和電影許多血腥暴力的亂七八糟情節,讓我想到要自己去紐約還是有點陰影,但時間和電影把….

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